The attentive and zealous team of JSR Events has always believed in pushing the boundaries in order to achieve new heights. We have never compromised with the quality when it came to managing events. To give the most out of an event to our clients and their guests has been the aim since the inception of JSR Events. We try to establish new benchmarks with every event and work tirelessly towards breaking it with every new event.



The real motive behind being in this industry is to participate in building an event where people could have a good time. Devotees sway on divine hymns and simultaneously thank the organizers for creating the heavenly atmosphere. We have experienced it. The work that we undertake on our shoulder is done with dignity, ethics, and hardship. Our services are offered individually or in combination. We have had the pleasure of collaborating with many reputed brands indirectly through the prestigious event management agencies or directly with the clients.




We want to experience the blessings of a daughter who would spend precious moments with her family before her wedding rather than looking after the wedding preparations. We want to see the joy on a grown-up guy’s face when he is going through the images of his past birthday events. A grin on the faces of guests sums up all the hard work we put in formulating the whole event. When they give our references to other people is when we realize that we have sealed our place in the hearts our clients.




Joy of managing events Event management is a very vague term, we create occasions where reunions are celebrated, relationships are revived, and gatherings are cherished. Presenting the occasion wrapped in the form of a gift to our clients is the idea behind venturing into the profession. The profession of celebrating life. The most profitable aspect of assigning your occasion to an event management company is that they add a tinge of creativity to it which might not be apparent when organized by yourselves. So appointing an event management company will certainly execute your event in a flawless manner. We do also understand the budget limitations and always try to work out the best way without compromising the quality to be delivered.